Monday, September 22, 2014

Design Wall Works in Progress

I've got the same 2 projects up on the design wall today.  We're getting closer to the finish line on the Marcus Brothers Friends & Companions Sew Along.  Here are blocks 7&8:
Block #7 - Mary Ellen's Block
Block #8 - Delores' Block
Mary Ellen Robison of Red Crinoline Quilts designed the block for week #7 and this week, Delores Smith of Homestead Hearth was our featured designer.  Both blocks were really fun to make!  Actually, all of the blocks were fun to make!  I can't wait for the last block next week and the final reveal the following week...almost there!!!
Friends & Companions:  Blocks 1-8
And, I've gotten caught up again on the Women of the Bible Sew Along hosted by Hoppin' Bobbin.  Here are blocks 6&7:
Block #6 - Jezebel
Blocks #7 - Rebekah
A "Ladies Wreath" block represents Jezebel's nobility and position in society.  The "Crosses & Losses" block represents Rebekah's dilemma caught between her two sons Esau and Jacob.  These blocks are really easy to construct...especially since they range between 10" and 15".  It's really nice to whip up a block for the week in just a few minutes!
So, that's what's on my design wall this week!  Here's everything all together on the left side.  I'll have to start a WIP to add to the right side of the design wall...and, yes, I've got a couple of small projects in mind!
 Today I'm linking up to Design Wall Monday and BOMs Away!



  1. Love that orange/green block, great vintage combo:-)
    Visiting from Lyn's!

  2. Hey, way to go! I actually got some piecing done today after four weeks of not getting time for it, so I'm a happy person. Love seeing your blocks and kudos for being caught up. :D


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