Tuesday, December 02, 2014

December UFO Goals

As usual, at the beginning of each month, it's time to post my UFO goals.  Since it's December, and the holidays are upon us, and I haven't cleaned the house enough to get out the decorations, and I haven't begun to decorate, and my oldest daughter is graduating from university, and we have family coming into town, and the new quiltville mystery is in full swing, and it's just a busy month for EVERYONE in the world anyway...

I've decided that my goal will be to just finish up a couple of quilts I have hanging on my rack waiting to be quilted.  By the way, isn't this the cutest rack?  DH and I salvaged this panel from the front of an old piano that got tossed.  We then added 4 vintage cabinet door knobs with painted flowers and now I can hang my quilts there (it hangs on the wall right behind my longarm) that need to be quilted!  Now all I need are a set of vintagey looking hangers to complete the look!
Quilts waiting to be quilted
Both of these quilts are from our Prairie Women's Sewing Circle group and are designed by Pam Buda.  The pink and brown one is called "Next Door Neighbor" and is one of my favorites!  I made a bit of a mistake when I pieced the blocks (the directions call for alternating the centers in pinks and browns, but I made them all the same)...oops, but no one will ever know unless I tell them (or Pam Buda, herself, sees it, lol)!
Next Door Neighbor
The other quilt is called Leap of Faith.  It's a tiny little thing that gets a bit more complicated once it's quilted because it will get rounded corners that will require me to make a bias binding.  No big deal, she says, even though most of my previous continuous bias binding attempts have only been so-so.  Anyway...I think that this is the first time I've used a toile on the front of one of my quilts.  Have I ever told you how much I love a toile print?  I do, I love them and have backed several quilts with them!  As a matter of fact, both of these quilts are getting backed with the same toile print as is on the front of this one!
Leap of Faith
So, for December, I'm going easy on myself...just get these two quilts finished!  I must admit, I've got a great head start...both tops are finished, the backing and binding are ready for Next Door Neighbor, and the tags for both are also done!

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  1. Some people would say that's an ambitious goal, but sounds like you can do it. The quilts are great!


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