Thursday, January 01, 2015

January and Q1 2015 Goals

Again, this month, I'm going easy on myself as far as goals to be accomplished and quilts to actually get finished!  For January, I need to finish up these 2 Wounded Warrior quilts:
This is where the line for the longarm begins.  Any quilt tops that are ready for quilting get hung here (an old piano panel with knobs that hangs on the wall behind the plain sight, reminding me to get busy).

The star quilt on the left is another Charming Stars quilt that I whipped up, this time set 3x4.  I had so much fun making mine that I wanted to make another to donate (I may even make one more)!  The backing is also ready, so it's just waiting it's turn on the longarm.

The Irish Chain quilt on the right is a group project by the Quilt Ladies (a new ladies who lunch group that I have met since moving to IL).  We each made a block or two, someone took it home and created the top and I volunteered to quilt and donate any quilts we produce hoping that it will keep us motivated!

For RSC 2015 and the Leader/Ender Challenge this year, I'll be working on 2 different spool quilts.  One will be traditional spool blocks (unfinished at 4.5").  The second will be Jenny Doan's spool quilt (found in the Jan. 2015 ed. of M*QC Magazine) using strings to make the 9" blocks.  I can't wait to get started on those...more future UFOs!

So, back to goals for this quarter (Q1)...
1.  RWB Charming Stars
2.  RWB Irish Chain
3.  4-Patch Revisited
4.  Suki Dog Quilt
5.  Baylee Dog Quilt
6.  Easter Basket Wall Hanging
7.  Rustic Stars
8.  Kayla's Basket Weave Quilt
9.  Grand Illusion
10. A Prairie Women project



  1. Happy New Year! It looks like you will be keeping busy quilting!

  2. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I'm always drawn to you blog first in the list - maybe because you always have such a pretty patriotic picture! I love both of these quilts, and that's a great goal for January. My goal is a soldier quilt, too - only for American Hero Quilts. These are the most satisfying quilts to make!

  3. aiguilleaddict4:54 AM

    hi !
    Happy new year !
    RWB ? what does it mean ? ( sorry, I am french !) and I am very in this challenge ... may be i will join you !

  4. Your work is beautiful! I found you through Grow Your Blog. Now following you, would appreciate the return :)

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