Sunday, September 09, 2012

A Few More for Charity

Our quilt guild here is very involved in several local charities.  The guild members make quilts and adult bibs for the veteran's home.  They make quilts, pillowcases and soft toys for the women and children's shelter.  Baby quilts are donated to the local military hospital and school bags for a group of children in Uganda.  I'm sure I'm forgetting others because it seems like every month, there is a request for one charity or another.  

CareBear Pillowcases
This month we were asked to donate 2 pillowcases per member to the women and children's shelter.  We were also asked to begin work on one patriotic quilt each for the veteran's home or Quilts of Valor.  You can see my QOV in progress in my design wall post tomorrow morning!

Betty Boop Lap Quilt
This month I'll also be donating another lap quilt made from blocks and fabrics that were donated several years ago to my daughter's gold award project.  My friend Belinda also chipped in a great print for the backing that matched perfectly!

Baby Blankie
One more blankie to be donated will be this little cutie that was pieced together and tied by my oldest daughter, Kayla.  It's been sitting in the waiting to be finished pile for a long took it to my guild meeting and whipped the binding onto it!  Viola!

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