Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Street - Link Up #3

It's still a mystery, but this week, Easy Street began with 64 shaded 4-patch units.  I again used Bonnies's method since I have the easy & companion angle rulers.  They did come out better than last week's flying geese, so that's good.  I still needed to trim them up, but just barely.  Overall, an easy week on Easy Street!

Easy Street - Part 3
 Also, to jump ahead for another clue, BH told us to cut 4 half-square triangles in green...

Easy Street - Part 3
So, all caught up and so far the units are looking relatively good together.  Still not sure about my "grey."  It's not really grey, but a greyish-aqua printed with a grey floral motif.  Hopefully it will work out ok, but kinda wishing I went for a darker grey.  The good thing is that there's not all that much of it and grey is the only color we know for sure that we're done working with!

Easy Street Progress - Parts 1-3
As usual, I'm linking up my Part 3 Easy Street Progress with the Mystery Monday Link Up hosted by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville and Judy Lacquidara at Patchwork Times for her Design Wall Monday.  Check out their blogs to see the progress others are making on their Easy Street Mystery and other projects!


  1. I think you'll be alright with the lighter gray. The paint cards show that the darker gray that I purchased before I had the cards was much darker than I figured it was. One of Bonnie's earlier posts said not to worry too much about the gray. Looking good! Bring on Step 4, the greens! Sandi

  2. Your colors are great, I like the soft grey of your four patches. I put myself on a fabric diet until I use up about 1/3 of my fabric stash. I am delaying making the four patches because I am not sure of my color. May switch it out for a different fabric.

    I will be following your post in the future... isn't if fun to meet other quilters from around the world.

  3. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Your patches look fantastic. Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo!


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