Monday, December 03, 2012

Easy Street Link Up #2

Linking up my Part 2 Easy Street Progress with Bonnie at Quiltville and Judy at Patchwork Times for her Design Wall Monday.  Check out their websites to see the progress others are making on their Easy Street Mystery and other projects!

This week, Easy Street began with 128 flying geese units.  I tried BH's method since I have the easy & companion angle rulers.  They were easy to cut with...even for a lefty...but I'm not sure I love how the geese came out.  I still need to trim them up (or at least really measure for accuracy), but I'm not lovin' the amount of seam allowance I've got on top.  When they get sewn into their blocks it will be with a scant 1/4" for sure, otherwise I may end up with a flock of headless geese!

Easy Street Part 2 - 128 flying geese

Also, included in part 2 was a bonus step...kinda like a head start on the next step!  So I cut up those 64 bricks of black on white...

Easy Street Part 2 - 64 bricks

All caught up for now except that I really need to go back and square everything up, so that's the plan for the remainder of the week!


  1. Aren't you the smarty pants -- all caught up on Easy Street?? Ha ha. Well you can just come on over and get me caught up if you want. I'm still working on step 1. I don't have the 2 rulers, so I'm dreading the flying geese a bit. Yours look good to me.

  2. I like your little "frames" with titles for your pictures - very clever. Good start on Easy Street!

  3. Looking Good! I'm determined to see what ALL the linky's are up to this week - of course that means my geese still need wings...but I'm getting close ;)

  4. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Your geese are looking lovely and you have a wonderful variety of black/white prints.


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