Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mystery Clue #3

It's almost time for our monthly guild meeting, therefore, it was time to send out clue #3 for our mystery!

This is block quarter #1 (left) using units #1, and block quarter #2 (right) using units #2.  Both units were from Clue #1 in January!

I'm sure many of you are beginning to recognize this design.  If you know who the designer is and which quilt this is...please do not spoil it for the others in the comments (but feel free to comment otherwise - just please don't give it away).  I'll give the designer credit at the end of our mystery, of course...she knows who she is and had given me permission to share with the guild!  

And as always, I'd be happy to answer any questions and/or discuss this with you through email :)  


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  1. It is looking good..I LOVE mystery quilts!


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