Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"It's A Gatherin'"

A couple of weekends ago Kathi, Lisa & I drove up to "It's A Gatherin'" in Stover, MO.  I had full intentions of taking lots of pictures...well, I failed, but we had so much fun.  First, we drove through Barnett (a beautiful Menonite country town) and stopped in at our favorite Bernina Shop, Top Stitch, affectionately known as "Timothy's," and then shopped in a couple of the local fabric stores.  I asked to take a photo of this beauty in one of those shops as I think it will give me some inspiration regarding what to do with my VERY old "Grandmother's Fan" UFO!

Next, it was on to Stover and "It's a Gatherin'."  If you're not from MO, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, so...really, this is just a chance to shop at all of our favorite quilty shops all in one place!  Many stores from all over MO and even OK and IA were invited to participate and they all just set up a booth to sell, sell, sell.  Fun!

We also stopped in at a few of the local Stover shops, but I was unwilling to pay $3.25 for a FQ, so I didn't buy anything else in town.  I can't believe that price...I was wondering if that's the regular price up there or if they were just upping it for the weekend!!!??!

Before coming home, we stopped by the Lake stores and ran in JoAnns and another LQS down there.  All in all, a fun day with a couple of fun ladies riding along!


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  1. Sounds like fun, and I had no idea there was a "gatherin'" like this? Next year maybe?


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