Monday, April 22, 2013

Sweet & Sassy

Just for fun, I thought I'd repost a couple of pictures of my "Sweet & Sassy" quilt.  It was constructed with "squishie swap" blocks from a group on the old "Quilts Your Way" forum.  The forum has since been shut down and boy, do I miss it...there was a lot of talent there and the quilty camaraderie cannot be compared to other boards (IMHO).  Anyway, "Sweet & Sassy," made for my youngest daughter:

The real reason I'm posting pictures of this quilt again is because my daughter is just too cute wrapped up in her quilt on the couch!  Pretty soon, she'll be off to college, too...graduation is right around the corner!



  1. How fun to see this quilt. I recognize my block in there. I have several years worth of squishies block on my UFO list. Sigh! I do miss that forum too.

  2. Great scrappy quilt! Sorry they no longer have this forum for you? There's a daughter wrapped up in there? LOL She's wrapped up head to toe!


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