Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm back...and I've got a new friend!

(Caution:  This post may be a little lengthy!)

Yes, it's been a long while since I last posted!  My friend, Debbie, likes to remind me that my blog has not been updated since 2 June!  I'm so sorry...

Things have been quite busy here.  My husband officially retired from the Army after 20 years of service, he's taken a new job, we're selling our home here in Missouri, and...we're moving to Illinois!

It's been great having hubby home for the last several months.  Army life doesn't always allow families to be together.  We've been living in different countries and states over the past 18 months.  It's been tough, but typical of much of his career what with deployments, career schools, and the good of the family.  It was really nice that hubby had the foresight to plan for as much terminal leave (paid vacation just before retirement) as possible.  We've had almost 4 full months of just relaxing (and working to get the house presentable to go on the market) together at home.

Another major change around here is that both girls are off to college!  Does that officially make us empty nesters if they still come home for breaks, holidays, and summer vacation?

Oh, and I've got a new husband actually brought her home...her name is Millie...

My husband is the best husband in the world!  Right?  Ok, as you can imagine, there is a backstory...long story short...actually, this may be a little wordy...

So, we're at the gym and DH (Dear Husband) says: "What do you think about Puerto Rico?"
Me:  Puerto Rico's nice.
DH:  What do you think about going to Puerto Rico?
Me:  I'd like to go one day.
DH:  What do you think about going to Puerto Rico tomorrow?
Me: Huh?  Really?

So, we go to Puerto Rico (the next day) for a week to celebrate our 20 wedding anniversary (this is back in June).  After we get back...I needed to go somewhere (I forget where, now), but DH says I have a phone interview at 3pm, so we'll go after that.  Ok, well, I get started on sewing something on the machine and kill some time.  Next thing I know, DH comes upstairs and takes my hand and says come here.  I have something to show you...(see above photos).  I didn't even hear the truck or anyone unloading all of these boxes into the house!

Yep, a brand spanky new APQS Millenium longarm, total surprise!  I have THE BEST DH in the world!  And, a great new friend!



  1. In other post I wouldn't agree about having the best hubby, because I have that one. But what a great surprise yours had!!
    A new gift for a new period in your live: grats!

  2. Good to see you back! I figured summer was a busy time for you! Congrats to you and your hubby! And, congrats on your new long arm! I will get one some day!


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