Sunday, September 29, 2013


Now that I'm back and blogging again, I guess I've got to catch you up on all of my wonderful summer projects!

Last fall, I posted a bit about the "XOXO" quilt I was making for my friend's daughter who got married last September.  Well, it just happened to be the first quilt loaded onto the new longarm (just after a really long practice panel)!

Left to Right:  top, label, back

This was a nice and easy quilt to put together!  The 9-patches are meant to be the "X"s and the square-in-the-squares are the "O"s.  In the backing are lots of signature blocks and well wishes collected by the bride's mother at the wedding ceremony.  It all came together with an all over meander and I'm so glad to have finally been able to gift it to the newly weds (just before their first anniversary)!



  1. Really looking fantastic!

  2. Where do I go to find the pattern for this quilt? I am a begineer to quilting. Is this an easy quilt to make? I can sew some, but I have never quilted.


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