Friday, October 03, 2014

October UFO Goals

Autumn is upon us, so says the calendar, but I really can't believe it's already October!!!  This year has just flown by, but now it's time to declare my October UFO goal...again, this month, I've got 2 UFOs that need finishing.  And once again, one is a MUST finish because of an upcoming wedding!!!
 I've had these blocks put away for several years, just waiting to come out and play.  They are very simple scrappy HSTs set in a diamond layout.  They've been put away for so long because the piecing certainly left something to be desired (they were gifted to me some time ago and I thought I would be able to do something with them at some point).
Over the last couple of days I've cleaned up the blocks...trimming edges, resewing to match seams, and lots of thread trimming as many of the blocks were originally sewn with dark threads!
 As of today, these blocks are now a flimsy top.  I added a 3" white on white inner border and then a multi-colored paisley outer border.  I'm thinking this will make a nice sized cuddle quilt, at 63x72," for the newlyweds couch!
 This Thai inspired quilt was begun as an ostrich challenge hosted by Kimberly Crenshaw (aka Camou) over at Divine Inspirations.  You can read more about my journey thru this challenge here:  Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3.  Due to some unforseen circumstances, we never finished the challenge and thus, I ended up with yet another UFO.  Now, it's time to finish her up!
This quilt began with three metallic fabrics I picked up when we visited Thailand several years ago.  After the ostrich challenge got cancelled, I sent some of the fabric off in a squishie swap and got back nine blocks that others had made for me.  Now, it's time to put all of this together with at least 7 more blocks that I'll have to whip up!

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