Monday, November 16, 2009

Ostrich Challenge - Round 1

Quilt pattern designer, Kimberly Camou is hostessing an ostrich challenge on her Facebook page. For those who don't know, an ostrich challenge is a self made round robin medallion style quilt. For each round, a set of instructions are posted and the challenge is to interpret those instructions and use them for inspiration in adding a new "border" round to your quilt.  If at any time you think a set of instructions does not fit well into your quilt design, you may choose to "hide your head in the ground" (as an ostrich might do - thus, the name).

I decided for this challenge, I wanted to use some of the wonderful fabrics I purchased while in Thailand. To begin with, we were to chose a block for the center. I chose to make a set of 4 elephants following each other. Round one's these was "Less is More." We were to use more of the fabric that we used less of in the center block and to create a simple design with it. My center block is pretty much made equally with gold and black, so I used a fabric with an equal amount of each and added square in a square blocks (introducing red and blue) for the border centers and corners. So far, so good, but I can't wait to see what Kimberly will suggest for round 3!

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