Monday, November 30, 2009

Kayla's Quilt

It's finally finished.  Kayla's quilt (I don't know what she's named it yet) that she's been working on since hmm....let's see...we shopped for the fabric over a year ago.  I'm thinking we bought this fabric at the Lake of the Ozarks in the summer of 2008.  Well, anyways, here it is and it looks fabulous!  This quilt was designed and pieced by Kayla.  She got the inspiration for it from a quilt she saw in a shop and came home, sketched something similar and worked it through in easily do-able 6 1/2" blocks.  It's a throw size quilt, wide enough for a twin, but just short in length.

Quilting this beautiful work was another story.  Kay started it about 5 times and finally asked if I would do it because she was just not happy with the results she was getting.  So, I made her a deal.  I would quilt this one for her if she would practice her quilt stitches on one of the charity quilt tops she has already put together.  So, that's what we did.  Although I did the stitching, she directed the pattern.  I was asked to quilt around (inside and out) of all pieces in the blocks and to duplicate the bamboo design from the sashings in the border quilting.  After I finished that, Kayla was so anxious to get her hands on it, she asked me to just finish it up with the binding that she had previously made.  And of course I protested, but in the end, I couldn't bear to see the quilt put aside again, so this afternoon I sewed the binding on for her.  We are both really happy with the result!