Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Top Done!

The top is finally done on the flower quilt.  It still needs a name - Flower Power comes to mind with all the bright colors that are thrown about on it, but that seems just too easy!

To finish off the border, I decided to do a little brick work.  I used 7x13" bricks of many of the fabrics previously sewn into the top and latticed them together with the same purple fabric used in that first thin inner border.  I am really happy with the results and that means I won't have to order and wait for a new fabric to arrive since I didn't really have enough of anything else to work with!  The top measures a mere 74"x97" finished.

I also got the binding made today out of the little remaining border purple there was left.  It was really a stretch to be able to get the 350+" needed to finish this quilt!  Also in the basket is that last of the quilt fabrics.  For the most part, these will make up that backing.  I still have a good bit of the green flowers, orange-yellow-pink stripe and yellow floral that are very dominant in the top.   Intermixed with those, I'll probably make several large half-square triangle blocks (10" or so) and sew them in strewn across the backing just to use up some more of the fabrics since these aren't my usual color choices!