Thursday, December 10, 2009

More of Kayla's Quilting....

Kayla loved that I had posted her most recent quilt on my blog, and requested that I post more!  This one is her very first quilt, --->  A Trip Around The World.  She machine pieced it on a Sears sewing machine that she purchased with her own savings for around $50.  She also stitched it in the ditch to quilt it.  Great first project and that machine is still kicking! 

<--- Here's Kayla's second finished quilt, A Rail Fence, made about 6 months later!  She searched out these black, white and green fat quarters of fabrics in several different stores to get just the right ones for her project.  Gotta love some of those choices like a cow hide print, polka dots, checks and stripes!

Over the past year, Kayla has also been working on charity quilts. This idea was originally begun so that she could earn her GS Gold Award, which she did in Spring 2009. She collected a number of "orphan blocks", UFOs and a bunch of "stash-trash" fabrics from quilters all over the US. She then begun turning them into finished quilts! She's on a roll now with 6 charity quilts finished and several more in the works!


  1. Wow, Heather. You must be so proud of Kayla. She's finishing way more than I am. I love the quilt behind her in the picture. Is that one of yours?


  2. Karen ~ That quilt behind Kayla was pieced together by her from a stack of UFO blocks sent by someone at QYW. We didn't keep track of who actually sent what, but I'm sure that one of the ladies would recognize them! She actually got 2 lap quilts out of those blocks!

  3. Love the green quilt/b&w quilt. Your daughter has a lot to be proud of. I think I will push my daughther a little more. She could do something similar for a raffle quilt in school colors.


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