Thursday, November 19, 2009

Panels Ready

This afternoon was spent on steps 6-11.  The most time was spent just cutting the fabrics and making sure the measurements were working out.  And gues far so good!  My sketch is not exactly like the original quilt that I took the photo of so while referring to the photo, I was having a tough time trying to figure out where things went, but once I realized that the sketch was a bit different, I had no problems getting this far.

First the 2 1/2" strips went on.  I did go for tone on tone fabrics here because there is a lot going on in the panels themselves and it really helped to keep some order to this otherwise very funky design.

Then the large printed sections got sewn on.  At this point, the quilt top itself is in 7 sections, so 7 more seams and I've got a top center!  Woohoo.  Then I"ll have to figure out what small thin border will hold all of this brightness in!  I'm thinking of using the striped orange-yellow-pink from the flower panels as my outer border, though it won't be too wide (maybe 3 1/2" if I'm lucky) because I don't have much of it leftover.  Hmmm... 

Well, that's it until tomorrow when I'll at least have the panels sewn together.  If I've got time I'll get the borders going, but I definately need to make some time tomorrow for house cleaning.  I've been neglecting it terribly this week!  Wonder why??!?!?!

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