Monday, November 23, 2009

Onto the Borders

So, the top is finally done.  All pieced together.  Seams matched up well.  All in all, not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be to get the whole thing squared up!  Now it's onto the borders.  I went with a dark mottled purple for the thin inner border.  Why?  Just to hold all the bright colors in the center and to keep the eye focused there.  Make sense?  That's the idea any way. 

Oh, and this was the first time I ever tried to add on mitered borders.  I ended up ripping out seams from 2 of the corners, but for the most part I got pretty close I think.  I was originally thinking that I wanted to use the yellow-orange-pink stripe fabric from the flower panels as my primary outer border, but I'm rethinking that idea.  It might just be a bit too much.  Hmm....I think I'll let it sit a while and audition a few different candidates in the mean time.

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