Monday, June 15, 2015


(Quilt In Progress)
The center of my Women of the Bible (Block of the Week) is now finished.  Hopefully I will get the 3 borders on this week (one of them still needs to be cut and pieced) and ready to get put on the longarm next week.  Wish me luck!!!!



kwiltnkats said...

Sure like your colors! Very nice project. Sandi

Lynette said...

Hey, wow!! Way to go! That quilt's a huge accomplishment. I'm having the best time surfing back through BOMs Away linkups - I'm sorry I was gone for so long with wedding stuff and all. Devon & Kyle's wedding turned out just perfect, and he's off this morning to report back at Pendleton for more training. Devon's first TDY, just 10 days after her wedding, and it's going to be a long one - - - well, she'll learn right off the bat how to deal with it, eh? I'm really glad she's living at home while she finishes her own certification training during this time.

I see you went on a retreat - those are so fun. :)