Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sapphire Stars by Kevin the Quilter

Have you heard that Kevin the Quilter is hosting a new scrappy mystery quilt over on his blog?  Well, he is!  Check out his blog here:  Kevin the Quilter

Sapphire Stars (photo courtesy of Kevin the Quilter)
And here are all the clues you'll need to make his wonderful quilt:
Sapphire Stars - Intro
Sapphire Stars - Clue 1
Sapphire Stars - Clue 2
Sapphire Stars - Clue 3
Sapphire Stars - Clue 4 Surprise!
Sapphire Stars - Clue 5
Sapphire Stars - Clue 6 The Big Reveal!

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~ Heather ~


diane rizor said...

thank you so much for stepping in and helping all the Kevin the quilter fans.it makes it so much easier to print.Bless you for sharing.

Mrs T-W said...

Thank you very much!

Kevin the Quilter said...

I can't thank you enough for helping this old fashioned, non techie quilter! I owe you BIG TIME!

kupton52 said...

Thank you for making these pdf's....it makes things so much easier. I hesitate to ask when the extra surprise clue might be ready for download....but I really, truly do appreciate your effort.

kathy in WV

Susan said...

thank you!! for the Surprise Clue!!!

Lynette said...

Hi, Heather! *You're* the Heather who was helping Kevin? Super cool! :) So, did you make one of these? I was keeping up until our Black Belt testing consumed my entire life for 6 weeks. Just got back today to catching up for Clue 5. I'm hoping to get the top put all together next weekend.

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