Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Squishies & Kayla's Top

I got a couple more squishie blocks finished today for the QYW Squishie Block Swap 2010.  These are the Windmill Mosaic blocks for Pat and Karen E.  I decided to stick with the same block for everyone since I am loving how they are coming out and half square triangles and I are getting along nicely.'s Kayla's newest quilt top made from all those left over pieces in the scrap box and a little pattern called Bento Box that we both fell in love with!  She's doing such a great job!  Seams are pretty straight and corners are matching up nicely!  She's already pulled the fabric for her binding, but she's yet to make it and then there's always the back to piece for this almost twin size quilt.  Her largest yet at 60x75"!


  1. Wow Heather, you and Kayla are on a roll. I love my block. I wouldn't have thought of Navy with it, but it looks great. I'm sure hoping I love this fabric when I get all the blocks back, cause I sure didn't know what to pair it with myself. :)

  2. Thanks Karen! I loved working with your fabric - I think I actually have some of it in my Asian fabric stash someplace. I paired it with a darker blue with a hint of green tone to it (hard to describe, but it's a mottled fabric). I think you're really going to love your blocks if you get lots of TOTs to calm the busy print!


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