Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Squishie Time Again

The Quilt Your Way Forum's Squishie Swap 2010 has begun again in earnest!  We have already started to receive F8s from the other swappers and I got so excited between projects that I jumped right in and completed these blocks for the first 2 participants whose fabric I got in the mail:  Peggy and Karen K! 

Each year I try to choose a block that has some meaning to me.  Last year's "A Dandy Block" was chosen because, well, my year was definately a dandy with DH's redeployment, selling our home, another move for the family, not to mention all the little things!  This year I chose the "Mosaic Windmill" block in honor of our move to the Netherlands.  Though, honestly, I haven't seen as many windmills here as I expected to!

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