Friday, June 27, 2014

Dufflebag Decor, Oh My!

When our contractors first began work on our house, I was still tearing down and putting away all of the materials from my old sewing room.  One of the guys kept teasing that he was gonna get me to make him a quilt with some of his dad's old Army gear.  Well, one day he brought me a dufflebag and asked if I could make a quilt with it.  Uh, no, I'm not putting that heavy thing on my longarm!!!
He really wanted something that he could give to his dad for Christmas, so I came up with the idea to make a couple of pillows using the canvas, camo print fabric and the original hardware from the bag and I think they came out pretty good.  I strategically placed the original handle on the top of one and the pullstrap (through grommets) on the other.  By, the way, I purposely made them a little bigger than the pillow form...I wanted them to have that slouchy duffle-"baggy" appearance!

I had them ready to go the week before Father's Day, so I asked if he might want to give it to his dad then and he came to pick them up.  I still had a bit of leftover canvas and the camo fabric, so I offered to make a remote holder for his dad, too, if it was something he thought that he could use.  Of course, he said "yes" or I probably wouldn't even be mentioning it...
This baby hold 6 remotes (3 on each side of the chair arm).  I added a piece of the strap to the top and a pen and notepad (or newspaper, or crossword book, etc) can slide right in.  And look at those grommets on the front!

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  1. I don't work with that heavy stuff either but you did a great creation with it!


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