Tuesday, June 03, 2014

June UFO Goal

After finishing my "Prairie Huswyfe" basket quilt (which was supposed to be my June UFO), I started yet another Prairie Women's project...this time, from Journey 3.  
"Prairie Huswyfe" PWSC J2
My friend, Debbie, and I have been talking about having a "friendship project" to work on together 9 even though we don't see each other too often.  When we started talking about how behind we were in our PWSC projects, we decided that they would make the best friendship projects and we could encourage each other to get caught up!  When I went down to MO last month, Debbie showed me the "Lockridge Mill" pattern for this month's meeting...next thing we knew, we were pulling the fabrics we needed to get it going from Debbie's extensive stash!  
"Lockridge Mill" PWSC J3 (Debbie's - L, Mine - R)

Our tops are both finished, but as usual, mine's stacked on the pile to be quilted.  Since I did manage to get my original June UFO completed, I figured, I should make it a goal to get this one quilted up and finished as well.  I chose colors to make my version coordinate with my "Prairie Huswyfe" quilt (above).  They will both be decorating my living room, so I really can't wait to have "Lockridge Mill" done!  

And...an update on our basement renovation project.  It has begun!  Walls are all framed out, wiring has been all put in.  Plumbing is in the works.   Drywall is going up tomorrow!  The upstairs bathroom has gotten a new heated jetted tub and a tiled surround and granite bathroom counters for both of the upstairs bathrooms are going in tomorrow.    

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  1. Very cute, and what fun working on a project with your friend even if you can't always be together. Have fun with the quilting!


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