Monday, February 02, 2015

WOTB Update

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Just a quick look at what just came down off of my design wall.  I'm still plugging away at my Women of the Bible blocks that are being offered as a free Block of the Week through the Hoppin' Bobbin Facebook page.
Women of the Bible:  blocks 1-22
I'm noticing that I need to incorporate a bit more of that burnt orange.  The few blocks that have orange in them are still looking a bit disconnected (row 2 blocks 2&6, row 3 block 1, & row 4 block 2).  Otherwise, I think I am happy with my very out of the box color combination!
Women of the Bible:  blocks 23-25
I played a little catch up this week, once the previous blocks came down off of the design wall, so now I'm caught up with block #s 23-25!  Today there are supposed to be 2 new patterns posted and then we'll get a break for next week.  This is a good time for those who are a bit behind to try to get up to date!

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  1. Those are pretty blocks! I keep reading about people doing this BOM, but yours is the first I've seen of all the blocks.

  2. very pretty blocks :)

  3. It's looking great, but a little more burnt orange wouldn't hurt. This is a lovely project.

  4. Yeah, with the added orange bits it's going to have a really good movement in the colors. Good work on it this week! (Good name, too - I always think that, and never say anything. I'm partial to "Heather" as that's our oldest daughter's name.) :D


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