Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WW & W

WIP Wednesday & a Winner (from the Grow Your Blog 2015 blog hop)!

First, my WIP for this Wednesday is a small 18" table topper for my in-law's 45th anniversary.  My father-in-law called and requested that I make a sapphire (apparently the jewel of a 45 year marriage) wedding ring 18" quilt.  It's not going great, but here's the progress...
Wedding Ring paper piecing sketch
I started by trying to make this easy.  I sketched out a pattern on paper thinking a paper pieced version would be the quickest way to dive in...I didn't have a pattern, so the paper and pencil got a workout!
Wedding Ring top on the longarm
Then, I pieced it.  Apparently I didn't get the exact pattern papers in just the right spots, because some of the sections didn't line up perfectly...grrrr....but, I'm going to quilt the heck out of the little thing.  I'll practice a bit of custom design and hope to heck that the messy joins are a little less noticeable.

That's my Work In Progress....and now...the winner from the blog hop (yes, I know I'm late...very late...)...
The winner this year is Melissa!  Melissa, I'll be sending you a message this week to get your mailing on the lookout!

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  1. What a wonderful idea to help celebrate 45 years of marriage! Beautiful quilt!

  2. YAY me!
    And I love your sapphire wedding ring quilt! It looks amazing :)


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