Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sassy Stars

My mother, a piecing beginner, recently attended an Eleanor Burns "Sassy Stars" quilt workshop, but has since begged off of the Sassy Stars quilt and sent her kit to me with her one completed block. 

I find the directions in Quilt in A Day's "Radiant Star Quilts" 
very easy to follow with one exception.  I am having "volcano syndrome"...the center of my blocks are puffing up (the seams are flat and windmilling nicely).  

I am wondering if my issue is coming from inaccurate trimming of the quarters (p. 85 & 86 steps #10 - the directions aren't clear - am I aiming for a perfect 45* right triangle?).  I'm not having any problems with matching seams anywhere throughout the star...just that bubbling center.  Any suggestions for deflating my ballooning center points would be greatly appreciated!

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