Monday, April 30, 2012

April UFO Complete!

I am still following along with Judy's UFO Challenge.  For the month of April, Judy chose the number 6.

Recipe Scrapbook...

I hope Judy and the other UFO Challenge participants don't mind that I mixed both quilt and scrapbook projects for the years' challenges.  I DO have more than enough of each to fill an entire year, but these seemed to be the ones that I would like to have done sooner rather than later!

Remaining on the list...

  1. Jean Picnic Quilt for Kayla
  2. Heart Quilt
  3. Thai 'Ostrich Quilt'
  4. RWB Swap Quilt
  5. Jean Picnic Quilt for Larissa
  6. Recipe Scrapbook
  7. Fan Quilt
  8. China Scrapbook
  9. School & Family Scrapbooks
  10. Spring Flower Wallhanging
  11. Military Scrapbook
  12. Quilt Scrapbook
And Judy chose #2...Heart Quilt for May's UFO.  This is gonna take ALOT of work!  1100 2x5" bricks and 500 2x2" squares are almost cut, but still need to be sewn together along with the hearts and triangles...oh my!


  1. You are making such good progress on your 2012 UFO list. Wish I was as good.

  2. I love this challenge - things are getting done that would have been kept in the tub if not for this. Wonderful progress and recipe book. JudyCnNC


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