Friday, August 10, 2012

Flower Garden Quilt

Flower Garden Quilt - 2008
Have I ever shared my flower quilt?  I'm not sure if I ever posted about it or not.  The flower quilt was a  BOM from a virtual quilt group I used to belong to called Quilts Your Way.  I loved that group!  We had such a great group of ladies there who posted about anything from daily life to anything and everything quilt related.  We also had a great photo album full of what everyone was working on.

Anyway...back to the quilt...all of the block patterns were found on Marcia Hohn's website, Quilter's Cache.  It's a great site full of 100s of free quilt block patterns!  Each month we had the choice of 2 blocks (I never chose the applique block, hehe).  Once we had all 12 blocks, our hostess gave us a chance to "fill in the blanks" with 3 additional bonus blocks.  Then she gave us the layout and we were off on our own to complete our Flower Garden.  

I never saw pictures of any of the other group member's finished quilts, but I'm sure hoping that others got the chance to complete this beautiful project.  I just love mine!

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  1. It's so nice to see your finished. I have the blocks done but never put the top together. I think the checkerboard background put me off. I'll have to dig out the blocks and play around with layouts.

    Thanks for sharing yours. I miss Quilts Your Way too. The other forums are just not the same. :)


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