Saturday, August 11, 2012

Calendar Quilt - The First 4 Months

BOM 2012 blocks 1- 4
Our guild is holding a mystery block of the month this year.  Since I didn't join the guild until March, I kinda got clued in quickly as to what the common thread for the year was.

When I joined, the first 2 block assignments were already given.  In the month of January, members were to create a "snowman" block and in February, the theme was "hearts."  Hmmm....would you get the idea that this was along the lines of a calendar quilt as well?  And the next couple of months...
  • January - Snowman
  • February - Heart
  • March - Green
  • April - Flowers and/or Showers

Still feeling the calendar vibe???  Yep, it is a good thing that I was really sure that I was on the right track because I was determined to make this a calendar quilt and had begun to add the names of the months into the designs!

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  1. Blog looks great Peachy.
    I should be posting in my blog, but have not in over a yr.
    See ya over at the MSQC forum. We are doing block swapping

    Tamara Liddell


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