Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day!

Did you hear that the Governor of Missouri has declared a State of Emergency today?  Traffic is at a standstill on the highways, tractor trailers are just sliding off the roads and flipping over.  Our snow plow came around and salted the roads, but did he plow...well no, not's kinda hard to move ice!  It snowed ice!  We began the morning with wet hail and for the remainder of the day, little tiny ice balls fell from the sky (and it was a heavy ice fall)!  

Today was a snow day!  No school, no work, just stay home and keep warm!   So what did I do today?  Well, I finished up this lovely little Christmas Wall hanging for Debbie!  She has had it sitting in her sewing room, waiting in line for completion since the 90s!  It was time to get this little beauty finished!

Really, it only took a few hours.  She was already beginning to hand quilt the borders when she let it go, so I brought it home last night and whipped up a hanging sleeve and binding.  Then I just sat down and finished the border quilting, attached the sleeve and binding.  This morning I finished it up by stitching down the binding.  All done and oh, so cute!!

And, tomorow's a snow day, school!



  1. It snowed very heavy where I live, not a lot of ice, and I am thankful for that!

  2. 4" of snow here with about a tenth of an inch of solid ice on top. Thankfully it'll get above freezing tomorrow for a few hours ... hopefully a lot of this will melt.


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