Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby Quilts for March

This is the current pile of quilts ready to go to Missouri with me in March.  So far, I've finished 1 Veteran (widow) quilt and 3 baby quilts to give to the guild to donate in support of our charities.  I may be able to squeak a couple more out before I go.
I already posted about the larger HST/4-patch (widow) quilt on the bottom when I finished it.  Now I'll tell you a bit about the other 3 baby quilts, but there's not really much to tell...
Paper Pinwheel baby quilt (front & back)
I've been really enjoying blowing up traditional quilt blocks into "big block" quilts.  It's too much fun tripling a 12" block into a 36" block and that's exactly what I did here with a paper pinwheel block.  Many of the donated fabrics were odd sizes.  These trucks on the blue background was a piece of fabrics that was fussy cut, so chose a pattern that I could cut the pieces between fussy cuts...challenging but fun!  This is every last bit of the trucks on white background was a little rectangle that I measured to see how small I would have to cut this tiny border. It's all about using up that box of donated scraps!  

For the binding, I knew I wanted to use this rainbow stripe that was in the box, but when I use a piece I really want to finish it up if I can.  Well, I pieced the rest of it and the last couple of pieces of the truck fabrics into that striped backing!  So fun!
Rail Fence & Stripes baby quilts
These 2 quilts were also fun to make!  They began with the girl & bear fabric which was cut into 5" strips.  I had a bunch of the burgundy spotted fabric (all cut into FQs), so I used it in both quilt designs. The rail fence quilt also incorporated the beige spotted fabric in the front.  I also backed it using 5 FQs of the beige.  Stripes was backed the same way using the burgundy and both were bound with the same burgundy spots.  A couple of years ago, a retailer donated boxes of these spotted FQs to the guild...and we've been using them, but most of the guild ladies are a bit tired of these poor spots.  Not me!  I love them!  You'll see them in many of my baby the grey spot above...and the quilts here...and several more quilts to come!  I've got lots of spots!

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  1. Wonderful job Heather! I take it you are still part of your Missouri group? That's wonderful!

  2. I thought the back of the truck baby quilt was a quilt on it's own.
    Your guild s going to be thrilled to see you loaded down with a stack of finished quilts in your arms.
    Great job on all your finishes.


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