Monday, April 27, 2015

April Finishes!

Three finishes for the month of April!  To read more detail about each project, click on the name of each quilt and it will take you to my original blogpost.
Lozenges - 345 individual lozenge blocks at the beginning of the month have now become a 15x23 block setting with 2 borders.  Panto quilted and finished with a solid black binding.
Ye Olde Schoolhouse - At the beginning of the month, this project was just a [blue] fabric pull and pattern.  I changed my mind about the color wanting to go traditional "Little Red Schoolhouse" and kept the candy stripe border all red to avoid a candy cane look.  Panto quilted with dark red binding.
A Quilt for Charity - This project began the month as a few pinwheel and broken dishes blocks.  After tearing them apart and reassembling with sashing and cornerstones, this simple little table topper was complete. 

Q2 (Apr-Jun 15) List:
1.  Lozenges
2.  Silent Auction Table Project (for mom)
3.  4-Patch Revisited
4.  Crumb Along
5.  Wounded Warrior Quilt
6.  Thai Ostrich Quilt
7.  Rustic Stars
8.  Soldier Baby Quilt
9.  A Prairie Women project
10.  Collaboration Celebration
11.  Pinwheel
12.  Labor Day Madness
13.  Fan Baby
14.  Ye Olde Schoolhouse (PWSC j4g1)
15.  Orange Crush

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  1. WOW that is what I call a productive month. They all look lovely.

  2. Huge effort Heather. Well done.

  3. Look at you go Heather! You are a machine!!!!! All of them are beautiful!

  4. What a productive month. I love the pictures of your quilts.


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