Thursday, April 02, 2015

Q2 2015 Goals

This is my first year participating in the Finish-a-long and so far it's been fun!  I find these blog sew-alongs quite the push I need to finish up projects that have long been in the UFO pile or on the to-do list! gives me something more to blog about!

So, for last quarter, here's how I did...6/10...not bad, an average of 2 projects checked off the list each month.  I can live with that!
Q1 (Jan-Mar 15) List:
1.  RWB Charming Stars
2.  RWB Irish Chain
3.  4-Patch Revisited
4.  Suki Dog Quilt
5.  Baylee Dog Quilt
6.  Easter Basket Wall Hanging
7.  Rustic Stars
8.  Kayla's Basket Weave Quilt
9.  Grand Illusion
10. A Prairie Women project
Ye Olde Schoolhouse (April goal)
Here are my new goals for this quarter...4 of which were shifted from the Q1 list since I didn't end up working on them.  Yikes, 15, but 2 are charity quilts and I haven't done any of those on my own this year...just quilting for our group donations.
Q2 (Apr-Jun 15) List:
1.  Lozenges
2.  Silent Auction Table Project (for mom)
3.  4-Patch Revisited
4.  Crumb Along
5.  Wounded Warrior Quilt
6.  Thai Ostrich Quilt
7.  Rustic Stars
8.  Soldier Baby Quilt
9.  A Prairie Women project
10.  Collaboration Celebration
11.  Pinwheel
12.  Labor Day Madness
13.  Fan Baby
14.  Ye Olde Schoolhouse (PWSC j4g1)
15.  Orange Crush
Lozenges (April goal)
Ok, wish me luck!  First up are my Lozenge and Ye Olde Schoolhouse quilts.  They will be my primary April goals!

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  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    You did really well on your 1st quarter goals. Your lozenges quilt looks great, and I am quite curious about what a Thai Ostrich quilt might be!

  2. Wow - what a great list! Good luck!


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