Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Easy Street Flimsy Done!

Woohoo!  Big accomplishment this week!  My Easy Street Mystery Quilt is now a flimsy!  So happy to have gotten this far!  So happy to have kept up with Bonnie Hunter's clues!  So happy!!!!

Easy Street Block Layout
Easy Street Diagonal Rows Stitched Together
I went with a turquoise inner border (there's actually 2 different fabrics - the corners are a slightly lighter  shade in batik, while the edges are a striped pattern).  The 3 1/2" outer border is exactly 1 yard of a purple print!  Why did I vary from BH's suggested borders?  Well, that's easy...I just didn't have much yardage left of anything!  I very rarely buy more than a yard of any one fabric!  I like it scrappy!
Easy Street Borders On
Easy Street Flimsy Top Complete
The top measures right at 96" square and I'm working on making the binding now...I like to use a 2 1/4" binding.  That's just me, but I love a tiny binding!  It's going to be in a solid limey apple green!  Why?  Well, because I have a lot of long weird width pieces of it (trimmed off a backing of another quilt) and it's taking up room in my scrap bin!

Easy Street Backing
And someone asked me what I was going to use for backing, so here it is!  These are wax-dye fabrics from Tanzania.  I am so glad that my daughter remembered that she bought them for me and mentioned that they would be a perfect color match for this quilt!  Thanks K!



  1. Wow I love how your border looks! Each one is so different Looking, while we used the same color ways!

    Oh I'm HdWench on Missouri Quilt forum (hi Peachy) did my borders, and just today cut 2 pieces of backing. This is huge! Fits my spare beds queen with left-over so I hope I can quilt this myself.

    I too like 2 + inch bindings, mine will be black with animal pawprints haha because it is being auctioned off.

    Ohh I see your in Missouri? my goodness I was stationed at Ft. Lost in the woods for over 2 long years (back then in the mid 70's zero around the town).

    Have a great evening

    ;Dee aka HdWench

  2. Great job. Great job on your quilt... Can't wait to see it quilted too.

  3. Good to see you at BOMs Away! Terrific Easy Street there. I'm so jealous of everyone who did that quilt along. :) And I really, really love your banner.

  4. Your quilt is lovely. It has such depth with the subtle color changes you selected.

  5. I hardly ever buy 1 yd of fabric either unless it's for a backing. I adore the colors you have chosen here.

  6. It looks amazing with the borders you chose, and that backing is going to be awesome! Cool!

  7. That's a beautiful quilt! And I love your choice of binding - I'm a fellow 2 1/4"-er! Whoop whoop!!

  8. Anonymous4:14 AM

    I love your Easy Street - border and backing. I usually only buy half metre pieces or fat quarters - hence my scrappy border with the leftover greens LOL. It's great to be able to make a huge quilt like this out of our stash.


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