Monday, January 07, 2013

Somethin' 'Bout A Quilt

My daughter has been home for Winter Break from university and working vigorously start to finish on this quilt inspired by Kimberly [Camou] Crenshaw's pattern "Sweet 16."

Center brick blocks pieced together
Finished top of the quilt

Close up of first border

Close up of first and second borders

Tying the quilt on a frame - makes tying much easier!

Tying under the frame with DMC floss
Now...this quilt needs a name!  "Somethin' "bout a quilt" (like the song "Somethin' 'bout a truck") was her first thought.  Maybe?  There's lots of John Deere, outdoorsy, cowboy inspired fabrics.  She used to work at a Farm & Home store which is what got her into these fabric choices.  Any other suggestions?



  1. How on earth are you old enough to have a daughter in college? Seriously? It looks great, and I LOVE the name of the quilt. Keep it!

  2. She's just got to call it Reckneck Rags! What a great looking quilt it is!


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