Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Sweatshop

Last week, I had a sweatshop going...1 supervisor/photographer & 4 workers, in one little room, with one sewing machine, one rotary cutter & mat, several seam rippers and now one finished quilt top!

For Kayla's friend, Jessi, this was sewing 101.  The project...a jelly roll race (JRR) quilt.  From how to actually use her sewing machine to how to construct a quilt (and how not to pre-wash precut fabric...yep, she did!), the girls got Jessi's first quilt top pieced together with the help of a few extra hands.

I hope to have a photo finish to show soon.  It's currently being tied with DMC floss.  We'll save the actual "quilting" lesson for the next project!


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