Thursday, August 07, 2014

A Light In The Window

Another Prairie Women's Sewing Circle finish for the record book...
What's not to love about a churndash quilt?  I just adore them!!!  Although, I've got to say that this pattern had cutting directions that were quite tedious!  You know that advice about "read all directions before beginning"?  Well, lesson learned...I should have read ahead so that I realized much earlier that there was a much easier way to cut these pieces!!!  Usually with these PW projects, I just play along, but for some reason, this one took me forever to cut out and it could have been so simple!
I choose blues and greens for this project because I plan to hang it in my kitchen (which is very neutral, but the quilt will coordinate with my polish pottery dishes).  I guess I didn't realize how bad the photo above shows the colors, yikes, but it does show the pattern layout!
And of course...I had to make an extra little churndash for the label!  Have I said I love churndash blocks?!?!?

A Light in the Window  
Prairie Women's Sewing Circle - Journey 3, Gathering 5
Pattern Designer:  Pam Buda, Heartspun Quilts
Panto Quilting Design:  Paisley Playtime by Hermoine Agee

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