Saturday, August 02, 2014

Mom's Quilt

I always tend to have an excuse for not blogging as much as I would like to.  For some reason, I don't always like the process, but I do LOVE to have a record of these projects and a way to share them with family/friends/fellow bloggers.

Anyway, for the last few weeks my mom was visiting.  We did lots of things together like geocaching, sightseeing, shopping, quilting/crocheting, and lots and lots of chatting.  I told her that if she brought one of her finished quilts with her that I'd quilt it for her while she was here (but that depended on getting my new sewing studio finished and the longarm back up and running).  I did finallyget to it...just days before she was ready to fly back home, phew!
Isn't this the cutest quilt?  I did one similar to it a few years ago, blogged about it, and later named it "Anne's Flower Garden".  She really liked that quilt, in fact she threatened to pack it in her suitcase, but in the end just asked for the pattern!
I ended up quilting it for her with a panto called "Linda's Daisy" by Denise Schellinger.  Since she had another project that I was making her work on (more on that soon), I bound her quilt using some of the leftover backing fabric.  I also taught her a bit of basic applique by showing her how to add the label by using a dryer sheet and turning it under.  I thought it came out pretty cute overall.


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