Friday, October 16, 2015

Labor Day Madness

Pat Speth's book, Nickel Quilts, was one of the very first quilt books in my collection.  I've had it for years and when the opportunity arose to take a class with her using designs from that book, I jumped at it! 
This is Labor Day Madness, tomorrow I'll show you Pinwheel.  Why do I tell you that now?  Well, these quilts have something in common...the units are made at the same time...left facing units are used in one quilt and the right facing units are used in the other!
I didn't particularly want 2 quilts made in the same fabrics, so I talked my friend Debbie into making the same quilts - and we traded units, so the quilt I show you tomorrow will have different fabrics!
Pat Speth Signed my label!!!
These are really fun quilts to make...if you haven't made any of Pat's designs before, I think you'll really love them!  I've now made 4 (and 3 of them used these combination units)!

Labor Day Madness
70 1/2 x 89"
Pattern Designer:  Pat Speth (Nickel Quilts)
Primary Fabric Lines: Lucy's Crab Shack & Reunion (Moda)
Panto:  Tickle (Beany Girl Designs)
Quilting Thread:  Willow (Glide)

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