Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ostrich Round 3

Round three is all about the number three...three dimensional, that is. Yep, this round's theme is 3-D! The challenge is to add some type of three dimensional elements to your quilt. It could be something as simple as embellishments or a bit more challenging like prairie points or yo-yos. You could even try your hand at trapunto! The possibilities are endlesss, but the deadline was April 15th -- needless to say, I am lucky enough to have ahd an idea right away!
First, I tacked down the yarn tails that I added onto the elephants in the very beginning.  I then added gold sequin and blue beaded eyes to the elephants, thanks to my mom and sister for sending the sequins to me!  And last I made piping and sewed it into the outer border.
Piping is something I've never tried before and I've been wanting to try and make some.  Actually it was pretty easy once I figured out how to sew closer to the inner roping!  Just measure out the length of fabric you'll need, fold it over wrong sides together to form a tube.  Push your "filler" roping in to the fold (I pinned it in to keep it from shifting) and then sew as close to the roping as possible to create the piped effect.  I found that leaving plenty of seam allowance (close to 1") worked well for sewing the piping onto my border.  Then I went back and trimmed back the seam allowanxe to 1/4" later!