Monday, February 25, 2019

Busy Day, Today

It's been such a busy day today.  First, I got up relatively early - after going to bed very late.  I let the pups go outside, as usual, and then started thinking about what I needed to do today.

Kevin the Quilter asked me bring a trunk show of my quilts and speak to his Scrap Club about my process and thoughts behind "scrappy quilts" (what else?).  Originally, he asked that I do this sometime in July or August, but, he had a last-minute presenter cancellation and called to ask if I would consider coming this week!  Well....I started panicking because most of my quilts are folded and stored and I wasn't sure that a couple of days would be enough time to "get the wrinkles out" and make quilts presentable enough for an audience.  I guess we'll see if my middle eastern carpet piling technique will do the trick!?!?!
My friend Angela has also reminded me that I promised we would begin working on Lori Holt's "Cozy Christmas" quilt together beginning in March!  So...I finished pulling and sorting my fabrics for that project.  Since taking this photo, I have narrowed down  the pink to the one on the bottom and have sorted several fabrics back into the cabinet to be used in another project, another day.
Last night (and late into the wee morning hours) I began the handwork on my Selvage Spools quilt.  It seems to take me forever to just tack down the hanging sleeve!  It's a relief when I finally round the first corner on the binding - a finish is in sight - just one more corner to go this evening!
And finally, today, I quilted my Good Fortune quilt, added the sleeve and binding.  It's all ready for it's turn at handwork tonight (right after Selvage Spools gets finished).  

Whew!  What a day!  Time to put the pups back out and settle in with my needle and thread (and bright light and reading glasses, ugh)!

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~ Heather

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Dresden Quilt Workshop Challenge Quilt

I am so excited to show my Dresden Quilt Workshop Challenge Quilt!  I have been following along with Susan Marth's sew-along (on her blog, referring to her recent book) since the beginning.  Admittedly, I fell behind a few time - life got in the way - but, her simple steps made it easy to catch back up!  And now...finally...I have a finish!
As we worked on this quilt, block by block, I couldn't wait to see it come together.  I had a tough time, early on, deciding on color and fabric placement.  It seemed a difficult task using a fabric collection with so few colors in comparison to Susan's original sample quilt.  Using the coloring template and moving along one step at a time...I think it all came together quite nicely!
Quilted, bound and labeled, my Dresden Quilt Workshop Challenge Quilt has found it's home in the dining room hanging over an old antique sled.

Dresden Quilt Workshop Challenge Quilt
Designer:  Susan Marth of Suzn Quilts
Size: 60.5 x 60.5"
Featured Fabrics:  Gratitude by Jo Morton (Moda)
Quilting:  Feathers #1 (Randy Brunette)
Quilting Thread:  Fil-Tec Glide (Lt. Burgandy)
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20

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For fun stuff happening today in the blog-o-sphere, check out the link-ups on my sidebar!
~ Heather