Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July UFO Complete...Windy Hill Farm

"Windy Hill Farm," began with the bonus triangles leftover from "Lockridge Mill," my June UFO.  Thus, the pinwheel colors were already chosen for me (although, technically, by me, unbeknownst to me that I would be using them in this particular project...but that's neither here nor there).  So beginning with red pinwheel cornerstones, I pulled the peach sashing color out of my CW stash which was printed with the tiniest of red, blue and brown design (leading to blue 9-patches and the brown binding).  

The red/blue striped backing I picked up earlier this month at a LQS on sale (and used up every bit of it in the hanging sleeve)!  I chose to stitch out a swirly panto in light blue to get the windy feel as in the name of the quilt pattern!  "Windy Hill Farm" is yet another Prairie Women's project, also from Journey 3...more to come!!!  

Windy Hill Farm  
Prairie Women's Sewing Circle - Journey 3, Gathering 4
Pattern Designer:  Pam Buda, Heartspun Quilts
Panto Quilting Design:  Jessie's Swirls Simplified by Jessica Schick

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

July UFO Goal

Since work is not yet completed on my new basement Sewing Studio, I can't really find any of the projects on my UFO list tab above...They're all packed away somewhere!  Therefore, I need to work on what I can find and that is..."Windy Hill Farm"!
This one stretched the idea of UFO a little bit, as I actually began it last month.  But, it does need to get finished and hopefully my longarm will be set up and running in my new sewing studio by the end of the month so I can call this a July finish!
This project actually began with the bonus triangles leftover from "Lockridge Mill."  When I saw this project called for tiny pinwheel cornerstones, I just pulled those bonus triangles back out, sewed them up and trimmed them down to size!  Then I just had to whip up a bunch of 9-patches (all from my scrap bag) to fill in between those cornerstones!
"Windy Hill Farm" is another Prairie Women's project, also from Journey 3.  I need to go back and finish Journeys 1 & 2 as well, so you'll be seeing lots of post like these.  Smaller projects using yummy rich Civil War style fabrics!

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