Monday, July 23, 2018

Stormy Seas

Pfhew....(wiping my brow...), somehow this project feels like a major accomplishment.  It's weird.  It wasn't really that difficult. I guess it was just a combination of a few techniques that I either didn't feel like I had a good handle on or were relatively new to me.
For example, s-curve piecing...not hard, just a little extra pinning (I almost NEVER pin) and a bit of glueing.  Oh, and let's not forget I had to muster a lot of patience (having to begin sewing from one end of the curve to stop and start again from the other end on each set of s-curves).  I just had to slow myself down a bit and just progress step-by-step.
Also, I steer clear of bias binding.  Why?  Well, because I never really have a need for it.  I generally don't choose projects with curved edges so no bias binding required!  Also, my first, and only other, attempt at bias binding was not very successful. So, for this project, I enlisted the help of my friend (and amazing quilt designer/teacher) Susan Marth of Suzn Quilts to give me a quick lesson on how she uses bias binding.  With her help, I was finally able to finish this table runner/bed runner (whatever it ends up being).  Did I mention that Susan is an amazing teacher?!?!?!!!!!
Speaking of Suzn Quilts, have you heard about Susan Marth's upcoming Quilt Along being hosted on her blog?  It's too cool!  We'll be sewing up a free bonus quilt that Susan has designed using all of the tips, techniques and designs included in her latest book Dresden Quilt Workshop (love this book!) She's already posted some instructions to help us get started on the right foot.
I hope all of my quilt-y, blogg-y friends come and participate, too.  I can't wait...I'm so excited!

Stormy Seas
Designer:  Judy Niemeyer
Size: 31x78"
Featured Fabrics: Assorted Blue & Neutral Batiks 
Quilting:  Water Wings (Barbara Becker)
Quilting Thread:  Fil-Tec Glide (Ocean)
Batting:  Legacy Wool

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~ Heather

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

2018-Q3 FAL Goals

Q3 (July-September 2018) Finish Along Goals: 
  1. Game On! Bench Pillow (Kimberbell)
  2. Deck The Halls (Doug Leko)
  3. Spice Market (blocks from Bobbi Reskusich)
  4. Spoolin' Around (Bonnie Hunter)
  5. Crazy Quilt Pillow (inspired by Valerie Bothell)
  6. QAYG Reversible Quilt
  7. Thank You Stars (for Shrimp)
  8. Dresden Daisies #2 (Suzn Quilts)
  9. Asian Sidelights

...and believe it or not, I got quite a few finished from my Q2 list, 6 to be exact, I just didn't have time to blog about them or link them up.  I'm hoping to make more progress this quarter and become better about blogging the finishes!

Linking up to the 2018 Finish-A-Long hosted by Leanne at her blog She Can Quilt.

For fun stuff happening today in the blog-o-sphere, check out the link-ups on my sidebar!
~ Heather