Saturday, December 12, 2009

Flower Wall Hanging Done!

That wall-hanging for mom that I was working on took me about 2 hours to quilt, add a sleeve and bind - not bad!  And I think it came out really cute!  I'm pretty happy with this one and even if I wasn't, the colors would make me happy anyway!

And now that this is done, I have begun work on quilting my 2007 Flower BOM quilt!  This was a block of the month

project at QYW forum designed by Lisa.  We pieced one block a month and then she gave us this great little random squares setting to put the whole quilt together!  It's coming along beautifully and I can't wait to get it all quilted!  It's been sitting around on a shelf in my cabinet, patiently awaiting it's turn in the hoop!  And, this is the first time I've used Quilter's Dream cotton batting to hand quilt and I can tell far so good!  It's working out wonderfully.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More of Kayla's Quilting....

Kayla loved that I had posted her most recent quilt on my blog, and requested that I post more!  This one is her very first quilt, --->  A Trip Around The World.  She machine pieced it on a Sears sewing machine that she purchased with her own savings for around $50.  She also stitched it in the ditch to quilt it.  Great first project and that machine is still kicking! 

<--- Here's Kayla's second finished quilt, A Rail Fence, made about 6 months later!  She searched out these black, white and green fat quarters of fabrics in several different stores to get just the right ones for her project.  Gotta love some of those choices like a cow hide print, polka dots, checks and stripes!

Over the past year, Kayla has also been working on charity quilts. This idea was originally begun so that she could earn her GS Gold Award, which she did in Spring 2009. She collected a number of "orphan blocks", UFOs and a bunch of "stash-trash" fabrics from quilters all over the US. She then begun turning them into finished quilts! She's on a roll now with 6 charity quilts finished and several more in the works!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

And...a Flower Wall-hanging for Mom

At my mother's request, I used some of the leftover fabrics from the flower quilt top to make her a bright and cheerful wall-hanging (Is there a synonym for "wall-hanging"? I'm tired of the word already!) to hang on her door in the spring.  Just to be extra sure, I used some of Kayla's fabrics to brighten it up since I know my mom loves her fabric choices and says mine are too dull, old-fashioned and boring. 

So, the top is made, the binding is made and the quilt is layered and pin basted.  I just have to spend an evening or two quilting it, making a slip-pocket and binding it and it will be off in the mail - just in time for Santa and with plenty of time to spare before spring!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Top Done!

The top is finally done on the flower quilt.  It still needs a name - Flower Power comes to mind with all the bright colors that are thrown about on it, but that seems just too easy!

To finish off the border, I decided to do a little brick work.  I used 7x13" bricks of many of the fabrics previously sewn into the top and latticed them together with the same purple fabric used in that first thin inner border.  I am really happy with the results and that means I won't have to order and wait for a new fabric to arrive since I didn't really have enough of anything else to work with!  The top measures a mere 74"x97" finished.

I also got the binding made today out of the little remaining border purple there was left.  It was really a stretch to be able to get the 350+" needed to finish this quilt!  Also in the basket is that last of the quilt fabrics.  For the most part, these will make up that backing.  I still have a good bit of the green flowers, orange-yellow-pink stripe and yellow floral that are very dominant in the top.   Intermixed with those, I'll probably make several large half-square triangle blocks (10" or so) and sew them in strewn across the backing just to use up some more of the fabrics since these aren't my usual color choices!