Monday, January 15, 2018

Q1 FAL Goals

 It's good to have goals, right?

 Q1 (January-March 2018) Finish Along Goals: 
  1. Home Sweet Home Bench Pillow (Kimberbell)
  2. Stormy Seas Tablerunner (Judy Niemeyer)
  3. On Ringo Lake (Bonnie Hunter)
  4. Dresden Flags (Suzn Quilts)
  5. Dresden Buddy Uncle Sam (Suzn Quilts)
  6. Tutti Frutti for Mishayla (Easy Weekend Quilts)
  7. Bloom (Lori Holt)
  8. Cozy Christmas (Lori Holt)
  9. Texas Braid (Bonnie Hunter)
  10. Swoon (Thimble Blossoms)
  11. Spice Market 
  12. Thai Rhapsody 
  13. Crumb Along (Jo's Country Junction)
  14.  That 70s Quilt Re-Do (Ellen Meli)
  15.  Spoolin' Around (Bonnie Hunter)
  16.  Split 9-Patch (Bonnie Hunter)
  17. Crazy Quilt Pillow (inspired by Valerie Bothell)
  18.  Patriotic Stars (charity, Bobbi Reskusich)
Home Sweet Home
top pieced, needs applique and finishing
Stormy Seas
paper piecing finished, needs arcs pieced and finishing
On Ringo Lake
fabric and supplies ready
Dresden Flags
fabric and supplies ready
Dresden Buddies - Uncle Sam
fabric and supplies ready
Tutti Frutti for Mishayla
top finished, needs quilting
fabric and supplies ready
Cozy Christmas
fabric and supplies ready
Texas Braid
3 braids complete, many more to go...
fabric and supplies ready

Spice Market
blocks finished, top ready to assemble
Thai Rhapsody
center medallion finished, needs corner blocks
Crumb Along
carried over from 2017 - still needs more blocks
That 70s Quilt!
carried over from 2017 - needs to be disassembled and blocks repaired
Spoolin' Around
carried over from 2017 - blocks finished, ready to be assembled
Split 9-Patch
carried over from 2017 - blocks finished, ready to be assembled
Crazy Quilt Pillow
carried over from 2017 - 2 blocks made, 4 more blocks needed

Patriotic Stars
carried over from 2017 - top made, ready to be quilted
Hoping to make some progress this's been a while.  Wish me luck!
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~ Heather ~