UFOs = UnFinished Objects
WIPs = Works In Progress
QTDs = Quilts To Do 
  1. Thai Ostrich
  2. Texas Braid (BH)
  3. Crumb Along (JCJ)
  4. Fan Baby
  5. Heartland Crossing (PWSC j1g2)
  6. At Mama's Knee (PWSC j1g3)
  7. A Stitch In Time Saves Nine Pincushion (PWSC j1g3)
  8. Mrs. Olson's Hatbox (PWSC j1g4)
  9. Seneca Falls (PWSC j1g5)
  10. Gentleman Caller (PWSC j1g6)
  11. The Quilting Gathering (PWSC j2g3)
  12. Olde Settler's Way (PWSC j2g4)
  13. Contrary Wife (PWSC j3g1)
  14. Spools (BH)
  15. 70s Quilt Redo
  16. Wild & Goosey (BH)
  17. Allietare (BH)
  18. Selvage Quilt
  19. Turkish Flannel Quilt
  20. Swoon - Jane Austen Fabric

DONE!  DONE!  DONE! (posts/links to follow):

  1. 4-Patch Revisited (BH)
  2. Strippy Spools (M*QC)
  3. Lunch Box Social
  4. Country Haven
  5. Buttermilk Basin BOM
  6. Greeting Card Quilt
*Wounded Warrior Quilts - always ongoing
*Soldier Baby Quilts - always ongoing

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