Thursday, January 21, 2016

Baby Quilts!!!

We've been making baby quilts again!  Most of them are being donated to Soldier Babies, for young or lower enlisted families and single soldiers just to show them our support.  Often these families are far away from home and family and we just want to help welcome their little ones into the world!
Margie made this quilt, a sweet little scrappy, random charm quilt.  She also quilted it with criss-crossing diagonals on her sewing machine.
Kathy made this quilt that will be perfect for a little boy or girl (though it will probably go to a boy since we are always in need of boy quilts).  She began with the circus panel and added the blue border and then the charm pieced outer border.  Kathy passed it on to me to quilt with just some wandering loops and bind with that red polka dot!
2 baby boy quilts
I made these last two after my daughter asked me to make a baby quilt for a friend of a friend who has invited her to stay with them while she is apartment hunting in D.C.  I just love a churn dash and once I finished the first one, I whipped up the second one out of the leftover fabrics that I already had out in my studio...why put it away...use it up!  The quilt on the left with the white background is headed to D.C. for the friend's baby and the one on the right will be donated for a Soldier Baby!

I used this striped backing for both quilts and at the bottom is the label for my daughter's friend's baby quilt.  At the top right, written on the stripe fabric is our typical labeling for baby donation quilts..."Welcome to the World, Little One!"

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  1. Cute baby quilts. I like the labeling you put on the baby quilts. I am going to check out Soldier Babies. Thanks for posting.

  2. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Oh, those are both darling baby quilts! Do you have a link for soldier babies?


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