Friday, January 29, 2016

Wounded Warrior Quilts

I finished up a couple more quilts for the Wounded Warriors this month.  I really love taking these down to Ft. Leonard Wood a couple of times a year to honor some of these local heroes!!!
The Rustic Stars quilt above was cut out at the same time I was making the quilt for my husband's aunt around Thanksgiving!  She got her's for Christmas and I finally had enough time to stitch these blocks together to make this one for donation.
The blocks in this blue/white quilt were given to my daughter when she was making donation quilts as a Girl Scout years ago.  I did have to make just one more to get a nice even number, but the donator was kind enough to include a copy of the block directions, so she must have anticipated that we would need more.  For some reason, these blocks just never made it to the top of the pile...until now!
The blocks reminded me of airplane propellers, so this border/backing fabric seemed like the perfect thing to bring the whole quilt together. The logo is kind of reminiscent of the Air Force, but the hubby suspects they are drawn to model aircraft that were old army planes (before the Air Force became it's own military branch).  Huh, who knew?

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  1. The backing fabric works perfectly with the Blue and White Quilt; does make you think of propellers. Love the Rustic Stars quilt as well. So nice of you to make and donate.

  2. Hi Heather! Rustic Stars is gorgeous. I believe the blue & white quilt is called snail trail. You are making great progress. Keep up the good work!

  3. Rustic Stars is lovely


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