Sunday, March 31, 2019

Good Fortune

Once again, I, too, followed along creating Good Fortune with so many quilters out in blogland and around the world.  We look forward to Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt every year...the suspense of the theme, the color-scheme, and the pattern itself!
Once Bonnie posted all of her inspiration photos from China and the array of fabric colors she designed with, I immediately thought - now I need to FINALLY use all of those Asian print fabrics that I collected while living in Japan and traveling to China and Korea!  They were perfect for this project!  I supplemented my stash with lots of silver and gold on white metallic prints (neutrals) and even more gold on gold metallic prints (a substitution for Bonnie's orange in the original design).  My friend Kevin (you may know him as Kevin the Quilter) even offered up any Asian prints he could find in his collection - I don't think he's a fan of them (but I am!)!?!?!?
It must have been serendipity, because years ago, my daughter made this beautiful "good fortune" cross stitch for me.  It's been hanging in my sewing studio for years.  I asked the opinion of a few fellow quilters (and my daughter's permission) and then decided that it just needed to be the label for my finished quilt.  It's perfect and I love it! 
What better quilting design for an Asian themed quilt than Haiku, an Asian-inspired edge-to-edge fan design?  It really looks great on there and I'm very please with the finished result - and happy to finally use some of my hoarded fabrics!  Just look at that beautiful crane and chrysanthemum print (those are the designs that promote good luck and happiness in marriage)! 

Good Fortune 
Designer:  Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville)
Size: 72x72"
Featured Fabrics:  Assorted Asian prints
Quilting:  Haiku (Patricia Ritter)
Quilting Thread:  Fil-Tec Glide (Military Gold)
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20

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~ Heather


  1. From one Heather to another...Looks amazing!

  2. Gorgeous finish! Your gold substitute makes the design glow! Sandy at

  3. Congrats on the finish! How lovely it must be to look at the quilt in detail and see your treasured fabrics. Thanks for participating in the FAL!


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